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FIPWA Event Future Food Systems Masterclass Workshop – New Product Development

Do you have an idea for a new food and beverage product but don’t know how and where to start? Are you interested in expanding your product range into a new category? This free onsite event is for you!

New Product Development Future Food Systems CRC

Wed 23 August 2023, 9am – noon AWST

Do you have an idea for a new food and beverage product but don’t know how and where to start? Are you interested in expanding your product range into a new category?

This free, three-hour FFS Masterclass Workshop on new product development (NPD) will provide you with key insights and methodologies surrounding the development of a new food or beverage product and the thought process behind design, research and strategies for launch.

The objective is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to set you on the path to developing a viable new product.

The workshop will be held on site at the Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia (FIPWA) near Mandurah, WA.

Masterclass Partners include FIPWA, Shire of Murray, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Future Food Systems.

Workshop agenda

The workshop will look at the essential components and steps associated with NPD.

You’ll hear from innovation experts, business professionals and leaders of Australian SMEs who have experienced success in launching a new product to market.

You’ll also participate in activities to help plan the development of a new product and map out brand and marketing strategies.

Facilitators include Future Food Systems (FFS) CEO and former food scientist and product developer Dr James Krahe and Dr Chris Vas, from Shire of Murray and FIPWA.


Dr Shyamala (Shy) Vishnumohan | Nutritionist

Dr Shy Vishnumohan is a highly regarded industry professional, combining qualifications as a Food and Nutrition scientist and Accredited Practising Dietitian, devoted to promoting health through food. Her mission is to empower Consumers, Health Care Professionals and Industry by enhancing their understanding of the impact of food on health, facilitating the creation of food choices and optimal diets for overall well-being. With her profound grasp of scientific principles and practical expertise, Dr. Shy is a trusted advisor sought after by the food industry stakeholders for evidence-based strategies.

Nadia Coetzee | CEO of Root Your Health

With an unwavering commitment to driving positive change in sustainability and addressing critical issues such as food waste and hunger relief, Nadia Coetzee is deeply dedicated to employing smart technologies, upcycling practices, health consulting, and consumer education to make a lasting impact. With an extensive background in food science, health consulting, and sustainable practices, Nadia possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to lead transformative projects that benefit both the environment and society.

Kenneth Yap | Lecturer in Marketing at Murdoch University

Kenneth Yap is Lecturer in Marketing at the College of Business, Murdoch University. He is also the co-founder of The Marketing Interchange, a multinational market research industry that specialises in retail. As a career marketing professional, he has worked in new product development and marketing strategy with global brands such as ExxonMobil, Pepsi Worldwide, Nike, MTV, and LG Electronics. He considers himself a ‘pracademic‘ who can ‘walk the talk’ and bring real-world business experience into the classroom.

Mei Yong | CEO of My PlantCo

Mei has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the food & beverage and FMCG industries, with a deep family history in operations spanning Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Mei is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of My PlantCo – a plant-based WA company focussed on creating products that are loved by people and planet. Mei has been involved in the launch and evolution of each of My PlantCo’s three distinct brands – Real Oats, Kado and Turban Chopsticks.

Stuart Johnson | Managing Director of the Food Technology Facility

Stuart Johnson is MD of the Food Technology Facility located within FIPWA. Experienced in the fields of food innovation, quality, and food marketing, Mr Johnson comes from a career working in successful innovative food businesses in WA, and has helped teams put over a thousand new products onto retailer shelves, in Australia and global markets.

Registration and further information

The event is free to attend but tickets are limited and pre-registration is required. Once you have registered, you’ll be issued with a mobile e-ticket.

Register below to confirm your spot.

About the FFS Masterclass series

Held on site at the state-of-the-art Food Innovation Precinct Western Australia (FIPWA), the FFS Masterclass Workshops are designed to arm emerging and established agrifood industry stakeholders with the tools and knowledge they need to further their business. Workshop participants will gain access to leading minds within research, government and industry as they share experiences, methods and practices to help build resiliency and spark innovative thinking. The Masterclasses also provide attendees with a platform via which to collaborate with fellow attendees, share thoughts, exchange information, and workshop ideas on how to strive towards success together.