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Western Australia’s first centre of agri-food innovation excellence

An ecosystem of agri-innovation

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Geometric shape in dark blue representing FIPWA's state-of-the-art facility - FIPWA is Western Australia’s first centre of agrifood innovation excellence, an ecosystem of research and development.
We are a state-of-the-art facility fostering industry innovation to drive business growth, develop new products and exports, and transform Western Australia’s food and beverage manufacturing industry.
Geometric shape in blue and green representing FIPWA's ecosystem of innovation in the agrifood industry.

We are an ecosystem of innovation with a research and development facility, a production building and a one-stop common-use food-technology amenity.

We will bring a billion-dollar boost to Western Australia by enabling up to $330 million in the food and beverage sector, and another $737 million into the wider economy over the next five years.


Great things happen when we work together

Network with growers, producers, and industry experts
Access domestic and international markets
Get value-adding opportunities
Liaise with food product development
Connect with tertiary learning facilities


Thinking big and scaling up

Develop new products
Access new markets
Understand your customers
Test new market segments
Discover technology solutions


Seeing is believing

Demonstrate and test products
Learn food security, safety and nutrition
Use purpose-built facilities
Trial short-run production


Championing local success

Accelerate product development
Boost competitiveness
Build potential partnerships
Increase trust and confidence in WA’s agri-food products
Access funding prospects

Adding Value


Transform the future
Create new markets
Innovate marketing and communications
Grow through collaboration

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